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How Appraisals Work

Understanding how appraisals work will help you achieve a quick and profitable refinance or sale. Read More


As a seller, you are standing behind the most expensive item you will likely ever sell. A home purchase is the single largest transaction a buyer will probably ever make, so of course they want what they are purchasing to be in good condition. An inspection can potentially throw a transaction off course, but it doesn’t have to. Rather than be at the mercy of a buyer’s inspector, shift the power to you as the seller by having a pre listing inspection done. Would you rather find out what areas of your home need attention with an inspector that you have hired vs. an inspector that the buyer brings in that you don’t know? Read More


The survey is not typically ordered until a week or so prior to closing and usually the buyer does not see the survey for the first time until they are at the closing table. You don’t want any potential issues to come up right before closing that could potentially throw a wrench in your deal. Read More


This is a big concern that agents, buyers and sellers are sweating out these days. If there is a mortgage involved, this can make or break a deal depending on the outcome. A home’s value is of course influenced by what has transpired around it. If a property appraises for less than what a buyer is paying, then that can trigger a renegotiation or ultimately everyone walking away. As a result in declining home values, a seller may not be in a position to sell the property for a lower appraised value if there is a mortgage to payoff in addition to their closing costs. Read More

Title Issues

Title searches go on behind the scenes and are something that a buyer or seller would never think about, however you need to. If a property is being sold and there is more than one person involved with ownership, you need to make sure you have whatever legal documentation to provide to the title company or closing attorney’s office in regards to that. For example, if you are selling your deceased Aunt’s home, make sure you have documentation that shows that you have the legal authority to do so. Read More

How to Choose an Agent

Oh the decisions, it's small town and everyone knows someone, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but you really need to sell or buy… Read More