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Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Choose an Agent

Oh the decisions, it's small town and everyone knows someone, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but you really need to sell or buy…

First of all, interview all the agents you may be thinking about. Are their goals about you? Because it is not about them, it’s about you - the buyer or seller. The number one priority should be your best interest. What is your time frame, your needs, your concerns?

Questions to ask:

1.)   How often does the agent communicate new information to you?

2.)   How does the agent communicate to you?

3.)   Is it your preferred communication way? (ie email, text message, phone call, visit)

4.)   What is their primary business? Are they the agent? Full time? Part time?

5.)   How long have they been in the Real Estate field in your area?

These are just a few. Also ask your friends, neighbors and relatives about whom they may use, or who they have used.

Most of all make sure when you and your agent make the connection that you are happy with your choice and that you can honestly discuss the entire process with them without feeling like you should not ask or call them with questions. You are a team trying to achieve the same goal.