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Friday, December 13, 2013


As a seller, you are standing behind the most expensive item you will likely ever sell. A home purchase is the single largest transaction a buyer will probably ever make, so of course they want what they are purchasing to be in good condition. An inspection can potentially throw a transaction off course, but it doesn’t have to. Rather than be at the mercy of a buyer’s inspector, shift the power to you as the seller by having a pre listing inspection done. Would you rather find out what areas of your home need attention with an inspector that you have hired vs. an inspector that the buyer brings in that you don’t know?

Yes, the buyer is still going to get the house inspected, BUT by hiring your own inspector, you will have a report that can serve as a baseline as well as another expert that you can consult. Many sellers fear inspections because of what might be found, but these issues are going to be found no matter what, so it's best to do it on your time BEFORE you put the home on the market. I am continually amazed at how many sellers take a “kick the can down the road” approach and simply want to leave items unaddressed for the next owner. Keep in mind that certain things like the age of a roof, plumbing or old electrical wiring can affect the insurability of the property. Insurance is becoming more difficult to obtain because insurance companies are increasingly requiring four point inspections in order to bind insurance on a property.

You don’t want to be in the middle of a home sale dealing with a roof that needs to be replaced before closing because the buyer can’t get insurance.